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Frequently Asked Questions

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IBM Warranties, Licenses and Maintenance


Machine warranties and license information
An overview of IBM’s Limited Warranty for Machines and license agreements applicable to IBM Machines.

Warranty service upgrades and maintenance options
Information on warranty service upgrades and post-warranty maintenance services options.

Warranty lookup
Determine if your machine is in warranty and when the warranty expires.


Software license agreements
Terms and conditions for IBM software programs licensed under the International Program License Agreement (IPLA) family of agreements.

Software Subscription and Support
Software Subscription and Support is included with each new IBM distributed software license (and Fixed Term License) obtained through Passport Advantage and Passport Advantage Express.

Renewing your Software Subscription and Support protects your software investment and ensures uninterrupted access to vital technical support and product upgrades.

Software Maintenance
Software Maintenance for Non-Passport Advantage IPLA licensed Programs is provided under the terms of the International Agreement for Acquisition of Software Maintenance (IAASM).

Renewing your Software Maintenance protects your software investment and ensures uninterrupted access to vital technical support and product upgrades.

Service requests

Open service requests
Open a service request for the ability to place and monitor hardware service requests electronically.

How can I contact your Sales Prep ?

Direct email to

Or can drop an email thru Our Contact Page : Contact-Us

Or you can phone us at :
P : +62-21-3863535 – click here

Can you delivered remote Order, eg: send A Server Set to Papua nice and safely ?

Yes, we can.

Since We have license, we have an obligation to serve you as long as still in Indonesia teritory.

Is Binadata also conduct, An In House Training ?

Yes, you can contact Us to our sales channel.

How is your Partnership to IBM?

We have such tremendous success as IBM Official Partner. And We have received many Award from IBM as our principal.

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Is there any online Chat direct to Your Sales?

We will create our Chat channel so you can directly speak near in the future.

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