FlashSystem 900

Gain faster insights with extreme performance, enterprise reliability and operational efficiency

IBM FlashCore Technology

IBM FlashCore™ technology refers to the IBM innovations that enable FlashSystem storage to deliver extreme performance, IBM MicroLatency™, enterprise-grade reliability, and a wide range of operational and cost efficiencies. These technologies and innovations are represented in the FlashCore hardware-accelerated architecture, IBM MicroLatency modules, and many other advanced flash management features and capabilities.

Andy Walls on IBM FlashCore

Our mission statement is to make, sell and deliver Coca-Cola Company products better than anyone else. By using IBM FlashSystem to accelerate our insights into customer demand, we’re better placed than ever before to offer unbeatable levels of service to our customers across the United States.

— Tom DeJuneas, Infrastructure Manager, Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated

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